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Study Abroad

We highly recommend students participate in a study abroad program. Not only is it a wonderful experience, a time to explore a different country and culture, as well as a good addition to your college life, but you also earn Illinois credit through most programs.
The Economics Undergraduate Office works closely with study abroad to develop programs in different countries and promote opportunities to our students.
Please work with your advisor to decide the best semester to study abroad. In most cases, we encourage you to seek out any program for which you are interested, even if they do not offer any major courses. Most students may take a semester off of their major coursework to explore a minor, general electives, or interest areas.
Please visit the Study Abroad website ( and office to learn more about the programs. Study Abroad Scholarships Available!

View our events page for upcoming Econ Study Abroad Info Sessions

Study Abroad Course Approvals

Students who have been accepted to a study abroad program will need to have their courses approved prior to leaving. The Study Abroad Office should walk you through the process of how to locate available courses in your study abroad program and the process for approval (read more on the Study Abroad website). Please follow the Course Approval Directions in order to have your classes articulated.

All LAS students (Economics) should follow the Course Approval Instructions for LAS. Please ensure you follow the directions outlined and fill out your course approval summary form and include any necessary documents before bringing to the course departments and your academic advisor. Make sure to check that you are using the correct study abroad form for your college and follow their procedures (LAS Economics students and most others will use the Course Approval Summary Form).

Some courses are already articulated in the Study Abroad Database- make sure that you fill out the course on the course approval form and include a print-out of the approval with your form. If study abroad courses are not already articulated in the study abroad database, students must go to the department that oversees the discipline for the UIUC course equivelent. You will need to contact the Departmental 299 Advisor to see about their process for articulating courses (some you need to drop off the form/syllabi/course information in their office, and others you will need to make an appointment).
***It is important that you plan in advance as this process takes time. ***

Economics Course Articulations and Form Approvals

Course Articulations: If you are taking Economics Courses abroad and would like them articulated, please make sure to fill out the student sections of the course approval form (top portion, Column #1 and #2) and attach a printout of the course description & syllabus, and drop these off in 214 David Kinley Hall (DKH). You will be notified once the form is complete and ready for pick-up (usually the next day, but please make sure to leave plenty of time as there is only one person in the office who is able to articulate the courses). If you are off-campus, please email and include all necessary information for course approvals. Our office only articulates economics courses (please contact other department 299 advisors for course articulations within their discipline).

Form Approvals: Declared economics majors must have their study abroad approval summary form signed by an economics advisor prior to bringing the form to the LAS Office. These forms will only be signed if you have all of the articulations complete. Please drop these off in 214 DKH, and you will be notified when they are ready to be picked-up.

Economics Major Advising: If you are unsure about the course requirements you have remaining in the economics major, or would like to discuss courses in-depth, please make an appointment through our online scheduling system to meet with an economics advisor. If you would like to meet about course articulations, please use the online scheduling system to make an appointment with Melissa Newell in the economics office (please make sure to read the 'Course Articulations' section above for course approvals to see if you just need to drop off your form for signatures).

Questions: Please contact Melissa Newell ( if you have any questions.

Rome, Italy Program

The Department of Economics has worked directly with Study Abroad and other programs to help develop an opportunity in Rome, Italy. The summer program offers an internship option, and the fall program offers an excellent research experience in the field. Both of these are cutomized for each economics student to ensure they get the most out of the experience.
Questions: Kristen Stout (, Specialist for International Projects

More information:
Study Abroad in Rome Brochure
Summer Program Information
Fall Program Information
Scholarship Opportunities
Additional Funding Opportunities

Bilbao, Spain Program

SAO: Spanish and Business in Bilbao, Spain (Fall, Spring, Summer, or Academic Year):
This program provides students with the opportunity to take intensive Spanish language and Business/Economics
courses in English. During the semester, students have the opportunity to engage in a business internship.
Questions: Clair Bryan (, Specialist for International Projects

Watch the videos on Bilbao Internships
Bilbao Flier

Other Recommended Programs

We want you to find a program that is the best fit for your interests~ and there are many to consider! Please visit the Study Abroad website and meet with their office to find the best fit!

You may view our flier with some of the programs we recommend to students to get started.

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