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Academic Assistance

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The Department of Economics and different units across the University offer tutoring and academic assistance services to students. We encourage students to attend instructor and TA office hours and study sessions starting early in the semester to get the most out of the content- even if you do not feel behind, it is a great way to connect to the material and go beyond what is in the classroom. If you are having trouble, please see an advisor as soon as possible so we are able to best direct you to individualized campus resources for specific courses.

Economics Tutoring CenterEconTutoring

Free service offered by the Department for all students during the fall and spring semesters, starting the third week of classes. Tutors are advanced-level economics undergraduate students who meet high academic and tutoring standards.
Students may stop by anytime the Tutoring Center is open (see schedule below)- appointments are not needed. Changes to the Tutoring Center schedule will be updated in the weekly economics newsletter and on the Econ Facebook page. Questions about the Tutoring Center may be directed to Nick Melrose or

21 DKH (basement level)
Begins the 3rd week of class each semester

Tutoring for:
ECON 102, 103, 202, 203, 302, 303,
and some advanced level topics (400s)
Math (MATH 220/221, 231)
Please see the tutor information below for additional information on each tutor
**Tutors are able to assist with general questions and concepts. Specific questions about homework or tests should be directed towards your TA or Instructor during office hours.**

Econ Tutor Information:

Electives (ECON courses beyond Econ Core & Calculus series)

Yiyan Chen

Majors: Economics & Statistics

Monday 1-3 PM
Wednesday 1-3 PM
ECON 420-International Economics
ECON 450-Development Economics
ECON 469-Economics of Risk
ECON 471-Applied Econometrics
ECON 490-Financial Economics
Other Courses: STAT 410, 420

Fang Fang

Majors: Economics

Monday 3-5 PM
Wednesday 3-5 PM
ECON 420-International Economics
ECON 490-International Finance
Other Courses: STAT 430, 440, 448

Chang (Gloria) Liu

Major: Economics
Minor: Business

Tuesday 2-5 PM
Wednesday 3-5 PM
Thursday 3-5 PM
ECON 471-Intro to Applied Econometrics
ECON 480-Industrial Competition and Monopoly
ECON 490-Monetary Economics
ECON 490-Econometrics of Policy Evaluation
Other Courses: ACE 161, BADM 310, BADM 320, ACCY 200

Jingyi Nie

Major: Economics & Mathematics
Minor: Business

Monday 2-3 PM
Tuesday 4-5 PM
Wednesday 2-3 PM
Thursday 4-5 PM
ECON 420-International Economics
ECON 462-Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 480-Industrial Comp. & Monopoly
ECON 481-Government Regulation of Economic Activity
ECON 490-Monetary Economics
Other Courses: CS 101, STAT 200, STAT 400, MATH 241, MATH 348, MATH 413, MATH 416, MATH 441, MATH 444, MATH 492, FIN 221, BADM 300, BADM 310, BADM 320, BADM 375, ACCY 200

Shannon Sledz

Majors: Economics & Statistics
Minor: Spanish

Tuesday 1-3 PM
Thursday 1-3 PM
ECON 482-Health Economics
ECON 490-Game Theory
ECON 490-Economics of Poverty Alleviation
Other Courses: MATH 241, MATH 415, STAT 400, STAT 410, STAT 420, STAT 425, STAT 426, STAT 448, LIS 490 (Intro Data Science), SPAN (all levels)

Chengzheng (Charles) Yu

Majors: Economics & Mathematics

Monday 1-3 PM
Wedneday 1-3 PM

ECON 471-Intro to Applied Econometrics
ECON 490-Economic Growth
Other Courses: MATH 241, MATH 247, MATH 402, MATH 415, MATH 416, MATH 417, MATH 444, MATH 492, STAT 400

Private Econ Tutors

Some economics graduate students are available for private tutoring. Interested students should contact the tutor directly to make arrangements including scheduling and fees. The Department of Economics does not supervise the below tutors. Please note that you are not able to hire a tutor who is a current TA for the class where you need assistance.

Private Tutor Information


Sebastian Laumer  
ECON 103
Carlos Hurtado
ECON 102, 103, 202, 203, 302, 303
Zheng Zhang
ECON 102, 103, 202, 203, 302, 303
Vinicios Poloni Sant Anna
ECON 102, 202, 302
Jieun Lee
ECON 202, 203, 471
Cesare Buiatti
ECON 102, 103, 202, 203, 302, 303
Yufan Leiluo
ECON 102, 202, 203, 302
Chitra Jogani
ECON 102, 103, 202, 203
Julia Gonzalez
ECON 202, 203, 220, 302

Campus/Other Tutoring

Other departments and programs throughout campus offer different types of tutoring and/or workshops. Other departments may maintain a list of graduate students willing to offer private tutoring sessions for a fee.

LAS Student Success Workshops.
Variety of workshops in different subjects or general studying tips & tricks:

Maintains a list of different departments and programs offering different types of tutoring for a variety of courses:

Tutoring and Study Skills Workshops:

Free tutoring for many courses and a list of private tutors:

Walk-in tutoring:

Hosted by Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society:

Studying, Relaxation, and Wellbeing
There are several resources on and off campus to ensure you have effective study habits, relaxation strategies, and overall support. Below are some helpful resources for students, and come see us for other help or referrals.

Strategies for Academics.
The website has many useful study strategies to do better in your academic courses. Below are some of the many guides and pointers they have on their website.
Active Reading Strategies: The reading load of a college student can be a quite a dramatic change from that in high school. Since it is virtually impossible to read every single word in every reading assignment, strategies are important for success.
Goal Setting: Setting reasonable goals and achieving them are essential skills for a college student to be academically successful.
Improve Memory and Executive Functioning: Optimize work performance by simplifying, routinizing, and organizing job tasks and learn memory techniques.
Note Taking Strategies: Help improve your listening and how you take notes from class.

McKinley Health Center.
Offers many workshops, appointments, and tips on how students can manage stress, help improve study habits, and practice relaxation techniques.
Stress Management:
Relaxation Techniques:
Posture and Study Habits:

Wellness Center.
Many offices on campus combine for the Wellness Center. They run programs around wellness and counseling, as well as offer appointments, to assist students with different other areas of their life which may distract from academics.
Counseling Center:

Dr. Stephen Chew "How to Get the Most Out of Studying. "
Provides great insight to effective study strategies

Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES).
Provide outstanding services to students with visible and nonvisible disabilities. Services include: working with students on compensatory strategies in test preparation, test taking, reading comprehension, written expression, academic skills/strategies training, case management, and coaching for organization, time management, structure, prioritizing, and motivation; ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and other psychiatric disabilities services. DRES also provides students with academic accommodations and access.

Study Sessions.
Know your best study habits; studying individually or in small group discussions (may vary by the subject). Always find a location with minimal distractions; usually this means getting out of your dorm room or apartment.
Recommended Study Locations: Campus Libraries (Undergrad, Graduate, ACES, Grainger). Public Libraries (Urbana and Champaign). Coffee Shops, University Buildings (Illini Union, BIF, even the ARC!), University Housing, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and Alumni Center. Find your quiet spot!

Intense Study Sessions.
Follow this guide when you are sitting down to study your material or work on homework.
2-5 Minutes: Set Goals for the next 40 minutes
30-40 Minutes: Read text more (selectively highlight); Make notes in margins; Try working on example problems on your own before looking at the solution, compare methods; Work on homework problems
5 Minutes: Review what you have just studied
10 Minutes: Take a break!