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Stephen L. Parente

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Associate Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Economic growth


Economics, University of Minnesota, 1990

Selected Publications

  • "Democracy as a Middle Ground: A Unified Theory of Development and Political Regimes" (with Anna Larsson)  European Economic Review November (2013): 35-56.
  • "The Evolution of Markets and the Revolution of Industry: A Unified Theory of Growth. " (joint with Klaus Desmet)  Journal of Economic Growth 17 (2012): 205-234.
  • "Religion in Macroeconomics: A Quantitative Analysis of Weber's Hypothesis," with Tiago Cavalcanti and Rui Zhao, Economic Theory 32 (July 2007): 105-123.
  • "The Food Problem and the Evolution of International Incomes," with Douglas Gollin and Richard Rogerson, Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 54 (2007), 1230-1255.
  • Barriers to Riches, with Edward C. Prescott, MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 2000.
  • "Monopoly Rights: A Barrier to Riches," with Edward C. Prescott, The American Economic Review, vol. 89 (1999), pages 1216-1233.
  • "Barriers to Technology Adoption and Development," with Edward C. Prescott, Journal of Political Economy, vol. 102 (1994), 298-321.
  • "Technology Adoption, Learning-by-Doing and Economic Growth," Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 63 (1994), 346-369