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Firouz Gahvari

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Leiby Hall Distinguished Professor of Economics
MSPE Director

Research Interests

Public economics, Optimal taxation


University of California at Los Angeles, 1981

Selected Publications

  • “Atkinson and Stiglitz theorem in the presence of a household production sector,” with Helmuth Cremer, Economics Letters, vol. 126, 2015, 91--95.
  • “The Friedman rule in an overlapping-generations model with nonlinear taxation and income misreporting,” with Luca Micheletto, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 119, 2014, 10--23.
  • “The Friedman rule in a model with endogenous growth and cash-in-advance constraint,” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 44, 2012, 787--823.

  • “Fertility, human capital accumulation, and the pension system,” with Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestieau, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 95, 2011, 1272--1279.

  • “Environmental tax design with endogenous earning abilities: an application to France, with Helmuth Cremer and Norbert Ladoux,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 59, 2010, 82--93.

  • "Transfers in cash and in-kind: Theory meets the data, with Janet Currie, Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 46, 2008, 333--383.
  • "Political competition within and between parties: an application to environmental policy," with Helmuth Cremer and Philippe De Donder, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 92, 2008, 532--547.

  • "Conditional cash transfers, public provision of private goods and income redistribution," with Enlinson Mattos, American Economic Review, vol. 97, 2007, 491--502.

  • "The Friedman rule: old and new," Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 54, 2007, 581--589.

  • "On the marginal cost of public funds and the optimal provision of public goods," Journal of Public Economics, vol. 90, 2006, 1251--1262.