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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Economics

Hadi Salehi Esfahani

Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Political economy of development


Economics, University of California, 1984

Selected Publications

  • "An Empirical Growth Model for Major Oil Exporters," with Kamiar Mohaddes and M. Hashem Pesaran, Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming 2013.
  • "Oil Exports and the Iranian Economy," with Kamiar Mohaddes and M. Hashem Pesaran, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, December 2013, 53.3: 221-237.
  • "Gender, Education, Family Structure, and the Allocation of Labor in Iran," with Parastoo Shajari, Middle East Development Journal, December 2012, 4.2.
  • Veiled Employment: Islamism and a Political Economy of Women's Employment in Iran, with Roksana Bahramitash, Syracuse University Press, 2011.
  • "Iranian Economy in the Twentieth Century: A Global Perspective," with M. Hashem Pesaran, Iranian Studies, 2009, 42.2: 177-211.
  • Diversity in Economic Growth, with Gary McMahon and Lyn Squire in Gary McMahon, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2009.
  • "Is the World Flat? Differential Regulation of Domestic and Foreign-Owned Firms," with Elizabeth
    Asiedu, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2008, 48.2-3: 389-411.
  • “Institutions, Infrastructure, and Economic Growth,” with Maria Teresa Ramirez, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 70 (2003), 443– 477.
  • “Ownership Structure in Foreign Direct Investment Projects,” with Elizabeth Asiedu, Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 83 (2001), 647-662.
  • “A Model of Efficiency Wages as a Signal of Firm Value,” with L. Arvan, International Economic Review, vol. 34 (1993), 503-524.
  • “Effort Observability and Worker Productivity: Towards an Explanation of Economic Dualism,” with Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Economic Journal, vol. 99 (1989), 818-836.