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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Economics

George Deltas

Associate Head of the Department,
Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Industrial organization, Environmental Economics, Auctions, Political Economy


Economics, Yale University, 1996

Selected Publications

  • "Consumer-Surplus-Enhancing Collusion and Trade," RAND Journal of Economics, vol. 43 (2012), pages 315-328.
  • “Introduction to the Symposium (on Auction Theory),” Economic Theory, vol. 39 (2009), pages 1-7.
  • "Passenger Shipping Cartels and Their Effect on Trans-Atlantic Migration," with Richard Sicotte and Peter Tomczak, Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 90 (2008), 119-133.
  • “Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Dealing in Auctions with Resale,” with Subir Bose, Economic Theory, vol. 31 (2007), 1-17.
  • “Naive Bidding,” with Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, Management Science, vol. 51 (2005), 328-338.
  • “‘Catalogue' vs. ‘Order of Sale' Effects in Sequential Auctions: Theory and Evidence From a Rare-Book Sale,” with Georgia Kosmopoulou, Economic Journal, vol. 114 (2004), 28-54.
  • “Incentives for Environmental Self-Regulation and Implications for Environmental Performance,” with Wilma Rose Q. Anton and Madhu Khanna , Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 48 (2004), 632-654.