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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Economics

Dan Bernhardt

Dan Bernhardt

Contact Info

IBE Distinguished Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Industrial organization, Finance, Political economy


Economics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1986


Selected Publications

  • "Learning about Common and Private Values in Oligopoly'', with Bart Taub, forthcoming,  RAND Journal of Economics.
  • "State Censorship'', with Mehdi Shadmehr, forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.
  • "Trial Incentives in Sequential Litigation'', with Frances Xu, forthcoming, American Law and Economics Review.
  • "Different Problem, Same Solution: Contract-Specialization in Venture Capital'', with Ola Bengtsson, 2014, Journal of Economics and  Management Strategy, 396-426.
  • "The Role of Lawyers in Venture Capital Contracting:  Theory and evidence'', with Ola Bengtsson, 2014, Economic Inquiry, 1080-1102.
  • "University Competition, Grading Standards and Grade Inflation'', with Sergey Popov, 2013,  Economic Inquiry, 1764-1778.
  • "Rehabilitated or Not: An Informational Theory of Parole Decisions'', with  Steeve Mongrain and Joanne  Roberts,  2012, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 186-210.
  • "Fraternities and Labor Market Outcomes,'' with Sergey Popov, 2012, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 116-141.
  • "Screening and Financial Contracting in the Face of Outside Competition'', 2012  BE Journal of Theoretical Economics,   Volume 12,  Issue 1 (Contributions), Article 15, 1-38.
  • "Collective Action with Uncertain Payoffs:  Coordination, Public Signals and Punishment Dilemmas'', with Mehdi Shadmehr, 2011, American Political Science Review, 829-851.
  • "Competence and Ideology'', with Odilon Camara and Francesco Squintani, 2011, Review of Economic Studies,  487-522.
  • "Speculative Dynamics'', with Bart Taub and Peter Seiler, 2010,  Economic Theory, 1-52.
  • "How and when is dual trading irrelevant'', with Bart Taub, 2010, Journal of Financial Markets, 295-320.
  • The Layoff Rat Race'', with  Steeve  Mongrain,   2010, Scandanavian Journal of Economics, 185-210.
  • "Point Shaving in College Basketball: A Cautionary Tale for Forensic Economics'', with Steve Heston, 2010, Economic Inquiry, 14-25.
  • "Non-convexities and the Gains from Concealing Defenses from Committed Terrorists'', with Mattias Polborn,  2010,  Economics Letters, 52-54.
  • "The Case for Responsible Parties'', with John Duggan and Francesco Squintani, 2009, American Political Science Review, 570-587.
  • "Private Polling in Elections and Voter Welfare''  with John Duggan and Francesco Squintani, 2009,  Journal of Economic Theory, 2021-2056.
  • "On the Benefits of Party Competition'', with Odilon Camara, Francesco Squintani and Larissa Campuzano, 2009, Games and Economic Behavior, 685-707.
  • "Cooperation through Imitation'', with Jim Bergin, 2009,  Games and Economic Behavior, 376-388.
  • "Smart Fund Managers? Stupid Money?'', with Ryan Davies, 2009, Canadian Journal of Economics, 719-748.
  • "Preservation of Trade Secrets and Multinational Wage Premia'', with Vlada Dvoracek, 2009, Economic Inquiry, 726-738.
  • "Cross-Asset Speculation in Stock Markets'', with Bart Taub,  2008, Journal of Finance, 2385-2427.
  • "Industry Dynamics with Stochastic Demand'' with  Jim Bergin, 2008, Rand Journal of Economics, 41-68.
  • "Front Running Dynamics'', with Bart Taub,  2008,  Journal of Economic Theory, 288-296.
  • "Political Polarization and the Electoral Effects of Media Bias'', with  Stefan Krasa and Mattias Polborn, 2008,  Journal of Public Economics, 1092-1104.