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Dan Bernhardt

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Dan Bernhardt

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IBE Distinguished Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Industrial organization, Finance, Political economy


Economics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1986


Selected Publications

  • "Learning about Common and Private Values in Oligopoly'', with Bart Taub, forthcoming,  RAND Journal of Economics.
  • "State Censorship'', with Mehdi Shadmehr, forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.
  • "Trial Incentives in Sequential Litigation'', with Frances Xu, forthcoming, American Law and Economics Review.
  • "Different Problem, Same Solution: Contract-Specialization in Venture Capital'', with Ola Bengtsson, 2014, Journal of Economics and  Management Strategy, 396-426.
  • "The Role of Lawyers in Venture Capital Contracting:  Theory and evidence'', with Ola Bengtsson, 2014, Economic Inquiry, 1080-1102.
  • "University Competition, Grading Standards and Grade Inflation'', with Sergey Popov, 2013,  Economic Inquiry, 1764-1778.
  • "Rehabilitated or Not: An Informational Theory of Parole Decisions'', with  Steeve Mongrain and Joanne  Roberts,  2012, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 186-210.
  • "Fraternities and Labor Market Outcomes,'' with Sergey Popov, 2012, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 116-141.
  • "Screening and Financial Contracting in the Face of Outside Competition'', 2012 BE Journal of Theoretical Economics,   Volume 12,  Issue 1 (Contributions), Article 15, 1-38.
  • "Collective Action with Uncertain Payoffs:  Coordination, Public Signals and Punishment Dilemmas'', with Mehdi Shadmehr, 2011, American Political Science Review, 829-851.
  • "Competence and Ideology'', with Odilon Camara and Francesco Squintani, 2011, Review of Economic Studies,  487-522.
  • "Speculative Dynamics'', with Bart Taub and Peter Seiler, 2010,  Economic Theory, 1-52.
  • "How and when is dual trading irrelevant'', with Bart Taub, 2010, Journal of Financial Markets, 295-320.
  • The Layoff Rat Race'', with  Steeve  Mongrain,   2010, Scandanavian Journal of Economics, 185-210.
  • "Point Shaving in College Basketball: A Cautionary Tale for Forensic Economics'', with Steve Heston, 2010, Economic Inquiry, 14-25.
  • "Non-convexities and the Gains from Concealing Defenses from Committed Terrorists'', with Mattias Polborn,  2010,  Economics Letters, 52-54.
  • "The Case for Responsible Parties'', with John Duggan and Francesco Squintani, 2009, American Political Science Review, 570-587.
  • "Private Polling in Elections and Voter Welfare''  with John Duggan and Francesco Squintani, 2009,  Journal of Economic Theory, 2021-2056.
  • "On the Benefits of Party Competition'', with Odilon Camara, Francesco Squintani and Larissa Campuzano, 2009, Games and Economic Behavior, 685-707.
  • "Cooperation through Imitation'', with Jim Bergin, 2009,  Games and Economic Behavior, 376-388.
  • "Smart Fund Managers? Stupid Money?'', with Ryan Davies, 2009, Canadian Journal of Economics, 719-748.
  • "Preservation of Trade Secrets and Multinational Wage Premia'', with Vlada Dvoracek, 2009, Economic Inquiry, 726-738.
  • "Cross-Asset Speculation in Stock Markets'', with Bart Taub,  2008, Journal of Finance, 2385-2427.
  • "Industry Dynamics with Stochastic Demand'' with  Jim Bergin, 2008, Rand Journal of Economics, 41-68.
  • "Front Running Dynamics'', with Bart Taub,  2008,  Journal of Economic Theory, 288-296.
  • "Political Polarization and the Electoral Effects of Media Bias'', with  Stefan Krasa and Mattias Polborn, 2008,  Journal of Public Economics, 1092-1104.