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illini women in econ

iWiE Information

Illini Women in Economics (iWiE) is group started in Spring 2015 to encourage more female participation in economics, providing relevant support, resources, and opportunities. We welcome women at all levels (undergraduate, Master's, PhD, Faculty, and Alumna). If you are interested in connecting with the group and hearing about upcoming events, please follow iWiE on social media and ensure you are on the email list (see information on connecting below). iWiE is a student-run group associated with the Department of Economics.

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Special Projects

iWiE coordinates a group to work on special projects, collaborating with the Community Learning Lab to connect with agencies needing assistance. These projects allow students to gain valuable and practical experience, putting their knowledge and skills to use, and helping the community. The group is overseen by alumni and staff advisors, but primarily operates independantly fulfilling the client's needs.

If you are interested in being a part of the current or future projects, please contact the project lead:
Mya Khoury (, Economics Department Student Intern

Current Project:

  • Regional Education Board (Fall 2016): Assist with researching and applying for funding and alternative solutions to support after-school initiatives after cuts due to budgetary restraints.

Completed Projects:

  • University YMCA (Spring 2016): Assisted in changing their investments to be SRI (Socially Responsible Investing): helped research and set up an RFP process to solicit proposals; Researched and recommended various SRI funds to help in the RFP evaluation process.