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The Department of Economics and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have many initiatives and support services specifically for International Students! We are very lucky to have a large number of students from diverse countries around the world to bring perspectives and dynamic experiences to the student experience.

Some of the great campus resources we recommend:

Economics International Student Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The Economics Undergraduate Office created a committee, inviting involved and interested students to be a part of planning and implementing events and resources for International Students within the Department. These students are very involved across campus and are happy to provide guidance to current and new students. Please find more on the ISAC Website.

Welcome to our Incoming International Students!

We are excited to welcome new international students to campus and our Department every fall and spring! We encourage you to reach out to either our International Student Advisory Committee (ISAC) students or our Econ Ambassadors if you have questions about the student experience, or get in touch with our advising office. We are look forward to working with you and helping you towards graduation.

New Students from China

Connect with us! The below website and chat group are for new Economics students joining us on campus in Fall 2015. It is a good way to read information about the campus, ask questions, and connect with current and new students.

Ren Ren: UIUC经济学院

We Chat: UIUC incoming Econ Students

The International Undergraduate Orientation Committee on campus has put together some video webisodes to help provide an orientation to international students. Please see the videos below:

You can access the videos with caption options in Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean and English, here:

#1 Your Journey to the University of Illinois-Getting started:

#2 Your Journey to the University of Illinois-Becoming a successful student:

Students in mainland China will not have access to YouTube, so we have also uploaded the videos (with embedded simplified Chinese captions) to Youku:

#1 Get Started:
#2 Transitioning:
#3 Becoming Successful:

Useful Links:
Pre-Arrival Info:
New Student Check-in:

Virtual Advising

If you are a new student coming to campus, you may sign-up for a virtual advising appointment through admissions. We have a 'virtual office' where we log in during a certain time, which we will send to you with other information, and you will log on and we are able to use a chat window, share our desktop, and show you our slideshow and talk through the presentation.

English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Placement Test (EPT)

We encourage new international students who do not have English as their first language to take the EPT and enroll in an ESL course. These courses are designed specifically for international students and they do an excellent job to assist students with the language, even if you speak fairly fluently. Students who complete these courses instead of the RHET course do significantly better in their classes and have a better transition. Even if you place out of ESL, you can still take the test to opt-in for the courses.

You should register to take the EPT as soon as possible, and we recommend taking it over the summer online if you are able as you will be able to register for the ESL course once you take the test. Some sections fill quickly, so it is best to register early to have the best possible option.


Courses for International Students

Are you interested in courses specifically designed for International Students? There are some options, besides ESL, which we recommend. Some of the courses have a similar format and the same course number as all other courses, but they are designed for international students specifically and are excellent choices.

Communication (CMN 101)
Contain the same content as all CMN101 sections, but have additional    information for non-native English speakers, including: aspects of American vocal and physical delivery, common pronunciation issues, training in American methods of citation, American approaches to argumentation.

Center for Writing Studies
Cross-listed course with Informatics on Writing Across Media (INFO/WRIT 303) and the Rhetoric program has some topical Advanced Composition courses that focus on directly on writing issues (RHET 233).

Linguistics Department Courses

Classes that are focused on career development/the job search:

  • CMN 101 Public Speaking: Choose a section for international students and non-native English speakers. With a small class size and supportive environment, you can boost your public speaking skills.
  • CMN 115 Interviewing: Practice conducting different types of interviews.
  • BTW 250 Principles Business Communication: Learn how to apply the principles of successful professional communication to workplace writing tasks.
  • EPSY 220 Career Theory and Practice: Learn how to design and implement a career plan; develop of job search strategies. Visits to the Career Center are also included.
  • ENGL 199 Writing To Get That Job! Develop and improve writing skills for job application letters, resumes, or personal statements.

CPT and Internship Course (ECON 199: Economics Internships)

International Students wishing to complete an internship (paid or unpaid) in the United States must be approved for a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) within the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office. You may find information and the form for CPT on the ISSS website ( Part of the CPT approval requires students to enroll in an internship course within their major.
Students interested in taking a course to accompany their internship may enroll in ECON 199. Please view the Internship Course Form below which provides more information on the course and application process. Students must have secured the internship prior to applying for the course.
ECON 199 Internship Course Form