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Are you interested in attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the Department of Economics? We offer an excellent program which is growing in popularity every semester. Currently, we have over 900 students in our major, and we are continuing to grow.

We encourage you to visit the different pages on our website (including the main undergraduate studies page) to find out more about our program, view the different events we offer students, see the resources provided, and the opportunities we offer.

We are always happy to meet with prospective students! Please schedule your visit through Admissions and let them know you would like to schedule a Department visit. You may also email if you have specific questions we can answer.

Admissions into the Department of Economics (New and Transfer Students)

All admissions are handled through the University Admission's Office and the LAS College Office. The Department does not review applications or may any decisions on admitting students. If you have questions about the transfer process and applying to the program, please refer to the two websites below. Any questions about the curriculum or Department once you transfer may be directed to our office ( or 217-333-2682).

Transfer Students must meet the admissions criteria and submit all application requirements to the University. Students wishing to major in economics typically must have taken the Introductory Micro and Macro courses (ECON 102 & 103) and Calculus 1 (MATH 220 or 221). Business Calculus (MATH 234) is not accepted as Calculus 1.