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We highly recommend that students complete an internship during their undergraduate degree. Internships add to your experience and help connect what you are learning in class to a future career. It also provides a valuable opportunity to understand what is expected within a professional environment and insight on what you would like to do post-graduation as there are many different trajectories with an economics degree.


Internship Preparation

Students should begin preparing to apply for internships early in their academic career through Information Sessions, Career Fairs, Compus Involvement, Workshops, Career Advising, and the other numerous activities offered on- and off-campus. Both The Career Center and the Econ Career Center provide many different opportunities to prepare for internships, and meet individually with students on their needs.

Internship Course (ECON 199: Internships in Economics)

Students interested in taking a course to accompany their internship may enroll in ECON 199 as long as the internship is related to economics and will help support future career pursuits. Please view the Internship Course Form below which provides more information on the class and the application process. Students must have secured the internship prior to applying for the course. If you have questions about the Internship Course, please

Course Information:

The course is designed to add to an internship, adding to the experience and allowing the students to reflect on what they have learned, explore the professional area more indepth, and become more confident presenting and talking about their professional experience. Internships is very important to add to a students' academics and undergraduate degree. Connecting the internship to courses and other experiences is valuable. The internship must be a professional experience and related to economics- approval is given by the instructor, Katie Kennealy.

The course is online, but students may be asked to meet with the instructor individually or as a group prior before and/or after the internship begins- you will find out more from the instructor.


You must have received an offer from a company/organization for an internship in order to apply for the course. The course may only be completed at the same time as you are working in the internship (it may not be completed prior to or following the internship). Students must be approved to take the course by the instructor (see below).


To apply for the internship course, please submit the following information to Katie Kennealy in 215A DKH (if she is not there, you may drop off in 214 DKH, the main office):form

  • ECON 199 Internship Course Form (click to open)
    • Fill out the form completely and turn in with the other items- you may select if you elect to take the course for '0' or '3' credits
    • Submit to Melissa Newell ( will all information
  • Offer Letter/Email from the Company/Organization for the Internship
    • Something stating that you have been offered the internship with the company name
  • Job Title and Description of the Internship
    • May be the job posting, job description, included in the offer letter
  • International Students: CPT- Emailed to Melissa Newell
    • International Students should speak with the ISSS Office to see if they are required to apply for CPT (see below section)


The course may be taken for 0 or 3 credit hours and it is graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Students completing 3 credit hours have additional assignments and a final project.

Students taking the course during the summer will need to pay University summer tuition rates. Please see the University website on tuition and fees. Students taking 0 credits are still charged tuition.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT for International Students):

International students with certain visas must apply for a CPT for all paid or unpaid internships in the U.S. and be enrolled in an internship course (such as ECON 199: Internships in Economics). During the summer you may register for 0 or 3 credit hours. You must successfully register and pass the course, otherwise you will have issues with your visa status.

CPT should be sent to Melissa Newell once you have submitted your other Application Materials.
Please see the ISSS website for information and meet with someone in the ISSS office if you are considering CPT: