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Microeconomics Seminars

General Information

All seminars are on Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm in 7 David Kinley Hall (unless otherwise noted). Schedule for the current semester is here. Faculty members can sign up to set up a meeting with a speaker here.

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Upcoming Seminars

Date Location Name Lecture

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


John Rust, Georgetown University


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Amit Gandhi  (University of Wisconsin, Madison)


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Brian McManus (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)



Past Lectures

Date Location Name Affiliation Lecture

Wed, Sep 3, 2014


7 DKH Kalyan Chatterjee Penn State "Strategic Dissent in the Hotelling-Downs Model with Sequential Entry and Private Information"
Wed., Nov 20, 2013 223 DKH Dan Quint Wisconsin, Madison TBA
Wed., Nov 13, 2013 223 DKH Kota Saito Caltech TBA
Wed., Nov 6, 2013 223 DKH Antonio Penta Wisconsin, Madison TBA

Tues., Nov 5, 2013

Note different day and location

7 DKH Gary Biglaiser UNC, Chapel Hill "Dynamic price competition with capacity constraints and a strategic buyer"
Wed., Oct 30, 2013 223 DKH Eun J. Heo Vanderbilt TBA
Wed., Oct 23, 2013 223 DKH Benjamin Golub Harvard TBA
Wed., Oct 16, 2013 223 DKH Hulya Eraslan Johns Hopkins TBA
Wed., Oct 9, 2013 223 DKH Yi Qian Kellogg TBA
Wed., Oct 2, 2013 223 DKH Jean-Francois Houde Wharton TBA
Wed., Sept 25, 2013 223 DKH Eduardo Azevedo Wharton "A supply and demand framework for two-sided matching markets"
Wed., Sept 18, 2013 223 DKH Bradley Larsen Stanford and eBay Lab "The Efficiency of Dynamic, Post-Auction Bargaining: Evidence from Wholesale Used-Auto Auctions"
Wed., Sept 4, 2013 223 DKH Nikhil Agarwal MIT "An Empirical Model of the Medical Match"

Mon., April 30, 2013

Note different day and location

7 DKH Larry Samuelson Yale "Investment and Matching"

Fri., April 26, 2013

Note different day and location

7 DKH Gary Biglaiser UNC-Chapel Hill "The Value of Incumbency in Heterogeneous Networks"
Wed., April 10, 2013 206 DKH Suehyun Kwon UCL TBA
Wed., April 3, 2013 206 DKH Gabriel Carroll Microsoft Research TBA
Wed., Mar. 27, 2013 206 DKH Ben Handel Berkeley "Health Insurance for Humans: Information Frictions, Plan Choice, and Consumer Welfare"

Wed., Dec. 5, 2012


215B DKH Dirk Bergemann Yale TBA
Wed., Nov. 28, 2012 215B DKH Yuichiro Kamada Berkeley, Haas TBA
Wed., Nov. 7, 2012 215B DKH Scott Kominers Chicago TBA
Wed., Oct. 31, 2012 215B DKH Yasutora Watanabe Northwestern, Kellogg TBA
Wed., Oct. 24, 2012 215B DKH Bruno H. Strulovici Northwestern TBA
Wed., Oct. 17, 2012 215B DKH In-Koo Cho University of Illinois TBA
Wed., Oct. 10, 2012 215B DKH Sangmook Lee University of Pennsylvania TBA
Wed., Oct. 3, 2012 215B DKH Caroline Thomas University of Texas, Austin TBA
Wed., Sept. 26, 2012 215B DKH Briana Chang Wisconsin TBA
Wed., Sept. 12, 2012 215B DKH Takuo Sugaya Stanford TBA
Wed., Sept. 5, 2012 215B DKH Xun Tang University of Pennsylvania TBA
Wed., Nov. 16, 2011
106 DKH Jay Pil Choi Michigan State TBA
Wed., Nov. 9, 2011
106 DKH Azeem Shaikh Chicago TBA
Wed., Nov. 2, 2011
106 DKH Alex Wolitzky MIT TBA
Fri., Oct. 28, 2011
125 David Kinley Hall Stephan Laumann Michigan TBA
Fri., Oct. 21, 2011
125 David Kinley Hall Jess Benhabib NYU TBA
Wed., Oct. 12, 2011
106 DKH J.P. Dube Chicago Booth TBA
Wed., Oct. 5, 2011
106 DKH John Kagel OSU TBA
Wed., Sept. 28, 2011
106 DKH Yuichi Yamamoto Penn TBA
Wed., Sept. 21, 2011
106 DKH Alex Frankel Chicago Booth Aligned Delegation
Wed., Sept. 14, 2011
106 DKH Asher Wolinsky Northwestern Search with Adverse Selection
Wed., Sept. 7, 2011
106 DKH Kei Kawai Yale Auction Design and the Incentive to Invest: Evidence from Procurement Auctions
Wed., Dec. 8, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Seung-Hyun Hong University of Illinois

" Local Identity and the Persistent Leadership in Market Share Dynamics: Evidence from Deregulation in the Korean Soju Industry"

Wed., Dec. 1, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Andrew Sweeting Duke University "When Should Sellers Use Auctions?"
Wed., Nov.17, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Alessandro Lizzeri New York University "Government Policy with Time Inconsistent Voters"
Wed., Nov. 10, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Brett Green Northwestern University, Kellogg "Asset Trading, News and Liquidity in Markets with Asymmetric Information"
Wed., Nov. 3, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Tilman Börgers University of Michigan

"Optimal Voting Schemes When Voting is Costly"

Wed., Oct. 27, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Atila Abdulkadiroglu Duke University

"Resolving Conflicting Preferences in School Choice: The 'Boston' Mechanism Reconsidered "

"Expanding 'Choice' in School Choice"

Wed., Oct. 20, 2010


226 Wohlers Hall Yi Qian Northwestern University, Kellogg "Counterfeiters: Foes or Friends? - Sales Impacts of Counterfeiting"
Wed., Oct. 13, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Joyee Deb New York University, Stern

"Community Enforcement Beyond the Prisoner's Dilemma"

Wed., Oct. 6, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Teddy K. Kim University of Iowa " Information about Sellers' Past Behavior in the Market for Lemons "
Wed., Sept. 29, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Lu Han University of Toronto, Rotman "Understanding the Puzzling Risk-Return Relationship for Housing"
Wed., Sept. 22, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Brent Hickman University of Chicago "Effort, Race Gaps, and Affirmative Action: "
"A Game-theoretic Analysis of College Admissions"
and "A Structural Policy Analysis of US College Admission"
Wed., Sept. 15, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Mihai Manea MIT

"Markets in Steady State"

Wed., Sept. 8, 2010 226 Wohlers Hall Akihiko Matsui University of Tokyo

"Social Foundation of Nash Bargaining Solution"

Wed., April 28, 2010 219 DKH Sudipta Sarangi Louisiana State "Key Players and Key Groups in Teams: A Network Approach using Soccer Data"
Wed., April 21, 2010 219 DKH Srihari Govindan Iowa "Axiomatic Equilibrium Selection for Generic Two-Player Games"
Wed., April 14, 2010 219 DKH Wolfgang Pesendorfer Princeton University "Bounded Rationality and Random Choice"
Wed., April 7, 2010 219 DKH Bill Zame UCLA "Collateralized Security Markets"
Wed., March 31, 2010 219 DKH Glenn Ellison MIT "Position Auctions with Consumer Search"
Mon., March 29, 2010 - joint the Macroeconomics - 3:30 - 5:00 219 David Kinley Hall Luis Cabral New York University "lDynamic Price competition with Network Effects"
Wed., March 17, 2010 joint with Applied Micro 219 DKH Claire Lim Stanford "Measuring Media Influence on U.S. State Courts"
Wed., Feb. 24, 2010 219 DKH Lones Smith Michigan "Dynamic Deception"
Wed., Dec. 2, 2009 123 David Kinley Hall Johannes Horner Yale University "Selling Information"
Wed., Nov. 18 123 David Kinley Hall James Schummer Northwestern, Kellogg Schl of Mgt., MEDS "Assigment of Arrival Slots"
Wed., Nov. 11, 2009 123 David Kinley Hall Vladimir Mares Northwestern University

"Asymmetric Auctions in Procurement"

Wed., Nov. 4, 2009 123 David Kinley Hall Mehmet Ekmekci Northwestern University "Reputation with Long Run Players"
Wed., Oct. 28 123 David Kinley Hall Brian Rogers Northwestern Univ. "Immunizations and Group-dependent Interactions"
Wed., Oct. 21, 2009 Joint with Macro 123 Daid Kinley Hall Shouyong Shi University of Toronto "An Equilibrum Theory of Learning, Search and Wages"
Wed., Oct. 14, 2009- 123 David Kinley Hall Andrew McLennan University of Queensland "Games with Discontinuous Payoffs: a Strengthening of Reny's Existence Theorem"

Thurs. Oct. 8, 2009 - joint with Macro


2 Education Bldg. Luis Cabral NYU Stern School and IESE

"Dynamic Competition with Network Effects"

Seminar is CANCELLED

Fri. Oct. 2, 2009 - 3:30 - 5:00 219 David Kinley Hall Bernard Cornet Universite Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne and University of Kansas "Financial Markets with Restricted Participation" "
Wed., Sept. 30, 2009 123 David Kinley hall Tai-Wei Hu Northwestern University "Complexity and Mixed Strategy Equilibria"
Thurs. Sept. 24, 2009 -3:30 - 5:00 - NOTE Day change 2 Education Bldg. Haluk Ergin Washington University "A Subjective Model of Temporal Preferences"
Wed. Aug. 26, 2009 123 David Kinley Hall Paolo Ghirardato Collegio Carlo Alberto "A More Robust Definition of Muiltiple Priors" Joint with Marciano Siniscalchi
Wed., April 29, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Aldo Rustichini University of Minnesota "Cognitive Skills Affect Economic Preferences, Strategic Behavior, and Job Attachment" and

"Second-to-Fourth Digit Ratio Predicts Success Among High-Fregquency Financial Traders"
Wed., April 22, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Sylvain Chassang Princeton University "Robustness to Incomplete Information in Repeated Games"
Wed., April 15, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Muhamet Yildiz MIT, visiting Institute for Advanced Study "Public Disagreement"
Wed., April 8, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Klaus Schmidt University of Munich, visiting Berkeley "Reputation and Contract Design"
Wed., April 1, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Alvaro Sandroni University of Pennsylvania "Rationalization"
Fri., March 20, 2009 - 3:30 - 5:00 NOTE DATE
Departmental Seminar
123 David Kinley Hall Stephen E. Morris Princeton University TBA
Wed., March 18, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall

Joel Sobel

University of California, San Diego "Information Aggregation and Group Decisions"
Wed., March 11, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Fuhito Kojima Stanford Univeristy visiting Yale University "Asymptotic Equlvalence of Probabiliistic Serial and Random Priority Mechanisms"
Wed., March 4, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Alberto Bisin New York University "The Distribution of Wealth and Fiscal Policy in Economies with Finitely Lived Agents"
Wed., February 25, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall Dilip Abreu Princeton University "Implementing the Nash Program in Stochastic Games"
Wed., Feb. 18, 2009 166 Wohlers Hall M. Ali Khan Johns Hopkins University "On Large Gams with a Multiplicity of Types of Players"
Wed., December 3 236 Wohlers Hall Christina Pawlowitsch Havard University Why Evolution Does Not Always Lead to an Optimal Signaling System
Wed., November 19 236 Wohlers Hall Jin Li   "Relational Contract, Limited Liability, and Employment Dynamics"
Wed., November 12 236 Wohlers Hall Harrison Cheng USC "Relational Contract, Limited Liability, and Employment"
Wed., November 5 236 Wohlers Hall Alvin Roth Harvard University "Kidney Exchange"
Wed., October 29 236 Wohlers Hall Raoul Minetti Michigan State University "From Fairs to Banks"
Mon. October 27 - Joint with Macroeconomics 166 Wohlers Hall Nobu Kiyotaki Princeton University "Liquidity, Business Cycles and Monetary Policy"
Wed., October 22 236 Wohlers Hall Kyna Fong Stanford University "Evaluating Skilled Experts: Optimal Scoring Rules for Surgeons"
Wed., October 15 236 Wohlers Hall Jakub Steiner Edinburgh Reversibility in Dynamic Coordination Problems
Wed., October 8 236 Wohlers Hall Michihiro Kandori University of Tokyo, visiting Stanford "Weakly Belief-Free Equiliria in Repeated Games with Private Monitoring"
Wed., October 1 236 Wohlers Hall David Ahn Berkeley visiting Univ. of Michigan "Combinatorial Voting"
Tues. September 30 166 Wohlers Hall Peter Bossaerts Caltech "Exploring the Nature of Trading Intuition"
Wed., September 24 236 Wohlers Hall Kyoungwon Seo Northwestern MEDS "Ambiguity and Second-Order Belief"
Wed., September 17 236 Wohlers Hall John Duffy University of Pittsburgh "Competitive Behavior in Market Games: Evidence and Theory"
Wed., September 10, 2008 236 Wohlers Hall Ming Hsu University of Illinois "Neuroeconomics: Decision-Making and the Brain"
Wed., September 3, 2008   Daniela Puzzello University of Illinois Random Matching and Aggregate Uncertainty
April 23, 2008   Minjung Park University of Minnesota "M&A Incentives and Outcomes: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry"
April 16, 2008   Ignacio Esponda NYU Stern School "Behavioral Equilibrium in Economies with Adverse Selection"
April 9, 2008   Vijay Krishna Pennsylvania State University "On the Benefits of Costly Voting"
April 2, 2008   Attila Ambrus Harvard "A continuous model of bargaining with random arrival times" (joint with Shih En Lu)
March 26, 2008   Satoru Takahashi Princeton "Community Enforcement when Players Observe Partners' Past Play"
March 12, 2008   Nabil Al Najjar Northwestern "Decision Makers as Statisticians: Diversity, Ambiguity and Robustness"
March 5, 2008   Marciano Siniscalchi Northwestern "Vector Expected Utility and Attitudes toward Variation"
February 27, 2008   Piero Gottardi University of Venice, visiting IAS "Markets for Information: Of Inefficient Firewalls and Efficient Monopolies"
February 20, 2008   Luciano De Castro Filho University of Illinois "Missing Trade and Ambiguity Aversion"