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Visiting Faculty

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Name Title/Position Research Interests
Arnould, Richard Professor Emeritus Health Economics & Government Regulations of Economic Activity (Fall 2017)
Arvan, Lanny Professor Emeritus The Economics of Organizations (Fall 2017)
D'Almeida, Fabricio Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics International Economics (Fall 2017 & Spring 2018)
Das, Satya Visiting Professor of Economics International Trade (Spring 2017, Fall 2017 & Spring 2018)
de Melo Caldas, Renata Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Latin American Economies (Spring & Fall 2017)
Dogan, Osman Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Macroeconomics Policy & Mathematical Economics (Spring 2017) Math Camp (Fall 2017)
Giertz, Fred Professor Emeritus Public Sector Economics (Fall 2017)
Hewings, Geoffrey Professor Emeritus Regional Economics (Spring & Fall 2017)
Kahn, Charles Professor Emeritus Banking and Financial Intermediation (Spring & Fall 2017)
Kindt, John Professor Emeritus Law and Economics (Fall 2017)
Mazumder, Bhashkar Visiting Professor of Economics Labor Economics with Professor Mark Borgschulte (Fall 2017)
Qiu, Ziyi Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics Industrial Comp and Monolopy
Yang, Lanwei Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics International & Development Economics

Visiting Lecturers

Name Title/Position Research Interests
Arvin-Rad, Hassan Visting Lecturer of Economics Economics Theory, Applied Econometrics, Applied Macro/Microeconomics (Fall 2016 & Spring 2017)