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Below you will find the staff members in Economics (listed alphabetically by last name) and their contact information.

Name Position Office Email Phone
Cathy Ballew Administrative Assistant, MSPE Program 205D David Kinley Hall 217 244-8890
Carol Banks Office Manager, Graduate Program 214I David Kinley Hall (217) 333-7082
Stefanie Flores-Freeman Undergraduate Academic Advisor 214A David Kinley Hall (217) 333-2682
Marsha L. Carter Hatchel Assistant Director, Alumni Relations and Outreach 9 David Kinley Hall (217) 244-0489
Kari Hutjens Undergraduate Academic Advisor 214B David Kinley Hall (217)-333--7153
Dustin Janes Office Support Specialist, Undergraduate Advising Office 214 David Kinley Hall (217) 333-2682
Katie Kennealy Career Coordinator 215A David Kinley hall (217) 244-4438
Tera Martin Roy Office Manager, Job Placement Secretary 214F David Kinley Hall (217) 333-0120
Nick Melrose Undergraduate Academic Advisor 214J David Kinley Hall

(217) 300-5494
Michelle Morfey Office Support Specialist, Departmental Secretary 214 David Kinley Hall

(217) 300-9509
Melissa Newell Associate Director, Undergraduate Program 214C David Kinley Hall (217) 333-2682
Beth Slotnick Assistant Director, Personnel & Administration 214H David Kinley Hall (217) 244-4636
Tracy Tieman Business Manager 214D David Kinley Hall (217) 333-3538
Peggy Wieland Graduate Secretary, MSPE Program 205E David Kinley Hall (217) 333-7651
Tricia Willoughby Admission Secretary, MSPE Program 205E David Kinley Hall (217) 333-7651