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Luciano de Castro

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Assistant Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Auction Theory, Market Design, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory


Mathematical Economics, IMPA, 2004

Selected Publications

  • "Pure Strategy Equilibria of Single and Double Auctions with Interdependent Values," with A. Araujo, Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.
  • "Characterization of Bidding Behavior in Multi-Unit Auctions," with A. Riascos, Journal of Mathematical Economics, forthcoming.
  • "Non-monotoniticies and the all-pay auction tie-breaking rule," with A. Araujo and H. Moreira, Economic Theory, vol. 35 (2008), 407-440.
  • "Corrigendum to ‘Existence of Equilibrium in Single and Double Private Value Auctions,'" Econometrica, vol. 74 (2006), 1723-1724.
  • An Introduction to Decision Theory (in Portuguese), with H. Faro, IMPA, 2005.