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Jane H. Leuthold

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Jane H. Leuthold

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Professor Emeritus of Economics

Research Interests

Economics of taxation


After receiving her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Professor Leuthold joined the UIUC Economics Department in 1967 as an Assistant Professor. When she joined the faculty, there were few women faculty members on campus, fewer still in the Economics Department. In 1983, she became the first female faculty member to achieve full professorship. During her 34-year faculty career at the UIUC, she served as Associate Dean of the College of Commerce, Interim Head of the Economics Department, Chair of the Faculty Senate, Member of the Senates Conference, and in several other faculty committee roles. She was a strong advocate of faculty and shared governance of the University.

She arrived at the University with a trunk load of computer punch cards for her research into the labor force behavior of a large sample of household workers. Hers was one of the early studies using modern econometric techniques of data analysis on a large data set. Her research interest was in how public tax and benefit policy, by changing wages rates and income levels,  affects time allocation among the productive activities of household members. She published numerous articles in this area and on topics related to the effect of taxes on economic behavior.

Professor Leuthold believed strongly that as researchers, faculty should engage their undergraduate as well as graduate students in the process of conducting research. In her undergraduate classes in public finance and microeconomics, she involved her students in several public goods experiments exploring what characteristics lead individuals to be free riders on the contributions of others. She also involved her undergraduate students in conducting their own cost-benefit analyses of the advantages and disadvantages of attending graduate school. Both of these projects led to several publications for Professor Leuthold.

Professor Leuthold's Master of Science in Policy Economics students were involved in research, collecting and analyzing data on their own countries, and “publishing” their results on their own self-designed country websites. Her Ph.D. students likewise were initiated into research projects, usually involving their own countries. Again, these projects led to several publications, some jointly between Professor Leuthold and her students.

Active student learning through computerized classroom and homework activities was an important part of Professor Leuthold's research and teaching agenda. She developed web-based learning activities and computer graded homework exercises that allowed students to practice mastering economic concepts by repeated trials, each trial involving a new problem, until students were satisfied with their own mastery. This led her to publish several articles on web-based learning for university students.

Professor Leuthold is most proud of the more than 30 Ph.D. students whose disserations she directed.


Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1968

Selected Publications

  • "Is Computer-Based Learning Right for Everyone?" in Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Annual International Conference on System Sciences, 1999.
  • "Preference Structures and the Excess Burden of Income Taxes in Brazil," with E. Ribeiro, Public Finance Review, vol. 27 (1999), 243-261.
  • "Changing Tax Elasticities Over Time: The Case of Tanzania," with N. Osoro, African Development Review, vol. 6 (1994), 31-39.
  • "The Effect of Taxation on Labor Supply in a Developing Country: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Data," with A. Rochjadi, Economic Development and Cultural Change, vol. 42 (1994), 333-350.
  • "A Free Rider Experiment for the Large Class," Journal of Economic Education, vol. 24 (1993), 353-363.

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