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Jeffrey R. Brown

Williams Karnes Professor of Finance and Director of Center for Business and Public Policy

Research Interests

Primary research focus is on the interaction of public and private insurance markets with a specific emphasis on retirement security, including annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, pensions and Social Security. Additional research interests include stock market participation, dividend taxation, and the effect of inheritances on labor supply.


Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999

Selected Publications

  • "The Effect of Inheritance Receipt on Retirement Decisions." J. Brown, C. Coile, S. Weisbenner, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2010
  • "The Private Market for Long-Term Care Insurance in the United States: A Review of the Evidence." J. Brown, A. Finkelstein, Journal of Risk and Insurance, (76) March: 1 5-29 2009
  • "Discounting State and Local Pension Liabilities." J. Brown, D. Wilcox, The American Economic Review, May: 2009
  • "Neighbors Matter: Causal Community Effects and Stock Market Participation." J. Brown, Z. Ivkovich, P. Smith, S. Weisbenner, Journal of Finance, (63) June: 3 1509-1531 2008