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Claudia Macaluso

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Assistant Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Claudia is an applied macroeconomist with research interests in labor market dynamics, mismatch, occupational and spatial mobility of workers, and human capital.


Economics, University of Chicago, 2017

Selected Publications

Claudia's recent research highlights how employment, wages, and mobility rates for laid-off workers differ across U.S. metropolitan areas. In her paper "Skill Remoteness and Post-Layoff Labor Market Outcomes" she develops a novel index of local skill remoteness that summarizes mismatch between workers and the jobs in their city. She finds that workers who are laid off in a city where their skills are not common earn lower wages for up to two years after layoff, and have a higher probability of changing occupation and migrating to a different city.

Other projects look at mismatch in the labor market in Puerto Rico, skill transferability and migration rates in Mexico, and the effects of trade shocks on the U.S. start-up rate.