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Charles M. Kahn

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Bailey Memorial Chair
Professor of Finance
Professor of Economics

Research Interests



Economics, Harvard University, 1981

Selected Publications

  • "Private Payment Systems, Collateral, and Interest Rates," Annals of Finance, vol. 9, No. 1 (2013), 83-114.
  • "Why Pay? An Introduction to Payments Economics", with William Roberds, Journal of Financial Intermediation, vol. 18 (2009), 1-23.
  • "Credit and Identity Theft," with William Roberds, Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 55 (2008), 251-264.
  • "Low Revenue Equilibria in Simultaneous Ascending Price Auctions," with Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, Management Science, vol. 51 (2005), 356-371.
  • "Bank Consolidation and the Dynamics of Consumer Loan Interest Rates," with George Pennacchi and Ben Sopranzetti, Journal of Business, vol. 78 (2005), Jan. suppl. , 99-133.
  • "The Role of Demandable Debt in Structuring Optimal Banking Arrangements," with Charles Calomiris, American Economic Review, vol. 81 (1991), 497-513.
  • "The Solution of Linear Difference Models Under Rational Expectations," with Olivier Jean Blanchard, Econometrica, vol. 48 (1980), 1305-1311.
  • Antinolfi, G. , Carapella, F. , Kahn, C. , Martin, A. , Mills, D. , Nosal, E. , "Repos, Fire Sales and Bankruptcy Policy", Review of Economic Dynamics, Forthcoming.