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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Economics

David Albouy

Associate Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Public Economics, Urban Economics, Labor Economics


Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Selected Publications

  • Partisan Representation in Congress and the Geographic Distribution of Federal Funds. Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(1), March 2013, pp. 127-141.
  • The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: An Empirical Investigation: Comment. American Economic Review, 102(6), October 2012, pp. 3059-3076.
  • Evaluating the Efficiency and Equity of Federal Fiscal Equalization. Journal of Public Economics 96(9-10), October 2012, pp. 824-839.
  • The Unequal Geographic Burden of Federal Taxation . Journal of Political Economy 117(4), August 2009, pp. 635-667.
  • The Wage Gap between Francophones and Anglophones: A Canadian Perspective, 1970-2000 . Canadian Journal of Economics 41(4), November 2008, pp. 1211-1238.