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Nathan A. Weston

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1900-1933

Historical Faculty

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Economic History, Money Market, Public Finance, Banking


A native of Champaign, Illinois, Nathan Austin Weston entered the University of Illinois as a student in 1885, where he would complete his B.A. and M.A. degrees. In 1901 he was awarded his doctorate from Cornell.

While completing his doctoral dissertation, in 1900 N.A. Weston would return to Illinois, the second Instructor requested by Dr. Kinley to join the Department of Economics. Initially, Professor Weston taught courses in Principles, Economic History, and Banking. He would be named Acting Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration at its establishment in 1915, serving in such capacity until 1919.

Professor Weston's success as a teacher, especially that of graduate students, was so conspicuous that in 1920 he was made Graduate Advisor for Economics, and thereafter taught only graduate courses, primarily in the areas of money and banking. He would teach until 1933, the year of his death. Although he published little, his influence on economic thought and teaching was widespread and profound. In the words of E.L. Bogart, he left his impression on men rather than through books.

Professor Weston read widely in his chosen field, and possessed one of the best private libraries in Economics in the Middle West. In 1944, this collection would be donated to the University of Illinois by his daughter Janet Weston.               

Dr. N.A. Weston was born in Champaign, IL in 1868 and was deceased on November 29, 1933.



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