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Janet Weston

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1937-1973

Historical Faculty

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Economic History, Financial history, Money & Banking, Public Finance


Janet Louise Weston came to the University of Illinois as an undergraduate student in 1923, where she completed her bachelor's and master's degrees. In 1930, she was awarded a Ph.d. in Statistics from Stanford University.

In 1934, Professor Weston would hold the distinction of being the first woman appointed to the faculty of the Department of Economics at Illinois; and the second, to the College of Commerce and Business Administration. During her tenure, she would gain prominence in the fields of Public Finance and Statistics.

She would teach for 38 years until her retirement as Associate Professor in 1972. Like her father, Professor Weston published little. She was a contributor to the American Economic Review. Perhaps her most notable achievements were that of a woman singularly pioneering into a principally male-dominated field.

Janet Weston was the daughter of Nathan A. Weston, one of the first professors to teach Economics at Illinois, in whose memory she left a fountain which stands at David Kinley Hall.

Dr. Weston was born on November 2, 1905 was deceased on December 2, 1994.



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