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David Kinley

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1893-1920

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Money and banking.


Early in its history, the Department of Economics had established its legacy:  for 37 years the University was shaped at the hands of an economist. In 1893, after being awarded the first Ph.d. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, and at the invitation of two UI trustees who expressed interest in establishing a Department of Economics, Dr. Kinley came to teach at the University of Illinois. In 1895, Dr. Kinley was promoted to full professor, and, as ranking instructor, founded the Department of Economics. Over the next seven years, the coursework in Economics flourished, and was consolidated with The Courses of Training for Business in 1902, Dr. Kinley being appointed Director. Popularly known as the school of commerce, under Dr. Kinley's leadership, the program achieved monumental success.

By 1915, at Dr. Kinley's recommendation, the College of Commerce and Business Administration was established, with three departments:  Economics, Business Organization and Operation, and Transportation. In 1920, Dr. Kinley was installed the 5th President of the University, which office he held for 10 years. With Dr. Kinley's administrative genius, the University was developed to a world-class institution. It is during this time, also, that the Department of Economics sees its greatest growth.

Dr. Kinley was born in Dundee, Scotland on August 2, 1861 and was deceased on December 3, 1944. .


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