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Donald L. Kemmerer

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1937-1973

Historical Faculty

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Public Finance, Economics and Taxation


Donald L. Kemmerer came to the University of Illinois as an Associate Professor for the Department of Economics in 1937. He completed his Ph.d. at Princeton. His first teaching assignments at Illinois included four sections of American Economic History and one section in Economic Principles. After one year, he was put in charge of the coursework in American Economic History, delivering all lectures.

Professor Kemmerer would become a foremost economic historian, accruing to his credit a long list of books, texts, articles and reviews. Two of his more prominent were “ABC of the Federal Reserve System” and “American Economic History,” the former co-authored with his father, and the latter, with C. Clyde Jones.

Professor Kemmerer was a vigorous participant in many university affairs and business organizations, holding the office of President for the Lincoln Educational Foundation, The National Committee on Monetary Policy, the Committee for Monetary Research and Education, the American Association for University Professors, and University Professors for Academic Order.

In 1973, after 36 years of devoted work to the teaching profession, his university and department, Professor Kemmerer would retire.

Dr. Kemmerer was born on December 24, 1905 in Manila, the Phillippine Islands, and was deceased on November 18, 1993.



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