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Merlin H. Hunter

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1916-1948

Historical Faculty

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Public Finance, Economics and Taxation


Merlin Harold Hunter came to the Department of Economics as Instructor in 1916, after completing his ph.d. at Cornell. Ambitiously, he set about developing the work in public finance, and, for many years, personally handled all teaching, research, and supervision of theses in that field.

His Outlines of Public Finance, published in 1921, was one of the first general textbooks of its kind, and was widely adopted by colleges and universities throughout the country.

In 1938, Professor Hunter succeeded E.L. Bogart as Head of the Department of Economics. He worked diligently to improve the quality of teaching and research in the department, and added many promising members to the staff. A wise and generous counselor, his door was always open to faculty and students, availing of his time freely for conversation and advice.

The last of Merlin Hunter's years were given in leadership to a still young and developing Department of Economics. He would die suddenly in 1948, having served for a decade as head, and carrying forth resolutely the legacy of the Kinley and Bogart years.

Dr. Hunter was born on August 29, 1887 and was deceased on May 30, 1948.



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