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Ernest L. Dewsnup

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1907-1920

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Ernest L. Dewsnup came to the University of Illinois as Professor of Railway Administration and Head of the Department of Transportation in 1907. He was degreed in Economics in 1895 and served as Lecturer in Railway Transport at Owens College, Manchester, England.

In 1904, Professor Dewsnup came to the United States where he was named Curator of the Museum of Business at Chicago University. During his 12-year tenure at Illinois, with the exception of his last year, the entirety of the coursework in Transportation was staffed solely by Professor Dewsnup. In 1915, when Transportation was separated as its own department with the establishment of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, Professor Dewsnup taught nine undergraduate and 3 graduate courses, covering such topics as Transportation Systems and Policy, Railway Administration and Management, and the Literature of Railway Economics.

In 1919, after serving one year as a distinguished officer for the War Office in London,

Professor Dewsnup would re-establish his home in England, assuming the office of Chair of Commerce at the University of Liverpool. He would remain Chair for twenty years until his retirement in 1939.

Professor Dewsnup was born in 1874 and was deceased in July, 1950.


Owens College, Manchester, England

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