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J. Fred Bell

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  • Years on Economics Faculty: 1941-1965

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John Fred Bell came to the University of Illinois as a graduate student in 1923, teaching for the Department of Economics as Assistant while completing his masters and ph.d. degrees.

From 1931 to 1941, he would hold the distinguished appointment of Chair of the School of Commerce at Temple University.

Thereafter, Professor Bell would return to his alma mater, re-joining the faculty of the Department of Economics at Illinois, where he would teach for the next 25 years. He would gain national prominence in the fields of Theory and Economic History. His text, History of Economic Thought, published in 1953, was widely used in colleges and universities across the country.

In 1957, Professor Bell made it possible for the university to acquire one of the most distinctive collections of economic writings in the world, the Jacob H. Hollander Economics Library. It was this year, as well, that he would begin a six-year tenure as Chairman of the Department of Economics. Professor Bell would retire in 1966.

Dr. Bell was born in 1898 in Cambridge, Ohio and deceased on October 1, 1981.


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