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The Department of Economics offers fellowships/assistantships to students who meet the standards for entrance or continuation in the PhD program.

Students are given a departmental fellowship for the first year followed by a teaching assistantship through the fifth year. International students are not eligible for teaching assistantships unless they have either scored at least a 24 on the speaking portion of the TOEFL or passed the English Placement Interview (EPI) which is administered by our Center for Teaching Excellence. First year students will take the EPI during their first or second semester on campus. If the EPI is passed, the student is eligible for a teaching assistantship. If the EPI is not passed, the student is required to take an ESL (English as a Second Language) course or participate in a minimum of ten hours with a tutor approved by the Center for Teaching Excellence. The EPI can be taken a maximum of three times.

This requirement is separate from graduation requirement (specified below) and is required by the Illinois state law and thus cannot be waived.

Graduation Requirement

eligible test score for full status score for limited status*
iBT 103 or greater 79 ~ 102
Computer Based TOEFL 254 or greater 213 ~ 253
Paper Based TOEFL 611 or greater 550 ~ 610

* If you are admitted with limited status you are required to take the English Placement Test as noted in the admission letter. You must be on full status to graduate from the program.