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Women in Economics - Alumni opportunity

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Women in Economics

is a new initiative being offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Illinois.  This new initiative is to encourage more participation in economics and relevant support, resources, and opportunities. The group will involve women at all levels (undergraduate, Master's and PhD students, Faculty, and Alumnae).

Over 70 students have expressed interest in being a part of this new venture with the expectation that more will join once we begin more formal programming.

We have many upcoming opportunities that we are hoping alumni will find interesting and we welcome other ideas about future projects for this group as well.  Some of the current opportunities are:

UIUC Women in Economics Steering Committee

Any alumni interested in being a part of the planning, mission, and oversight of the programming. As this is a new program we will need both alumni and students to collaborate and brainstorm the overall structure of the program and help develop relationships and promote.

UIUC Women in Economics Alumni Mentor

One of the areas we identified would be to set-up a mentoring program between alumni and students in this group. The parameters of the program have not been solidified yet, but we would match based on field of interest (or even allow students to select their mentor based on a bio). We would be able to facilitate the initial contact, and they could take it from there.

***Definite need: UIUC Women in Economics Project Alumni Advisor***   Project ready to begin immediately! 

We need one or more alumni who wouldhave knowledge in investment strategies to oversee a group of Women in Econ students working on the below project and offer guidance as needed. We are trying to create more opportunities for students to receive real experience to connect their economics degree to projects. The Community Learning Lab on campus identified a client who has a project in need which is relevant to the skills of economics students. Interested students from Women in Economics will work as a team on one of the below projects identified by the client. A staff member of the Economics Department will provide oversight for the project from an operations standpoint and facilitate alumni interactions, butat least one alumni with direct knowledge for the project specific skill set is needed. 

Client's Overview “Our Board of Trustees meet on October 5 in Chicago and will be considering a resolution from their ad hoc SRI Committee recommending that we adopt an investment strategy which would likely require us to divest our current holdings and reinvest the funds using environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. If approved, our SRI Committee will be tasked with issuing an RFP and reviewing proposals from various funds, banks and/or investment firms and coming back with a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for the April meeting in Champaign. I could envision a few possible projects:
*helping research and set up an RFP process to solicit proposals
*researching a potential collaboration with the local community foundation - a possible long range option
*researching and recommending various SRI funds to help us in the RFP evaluation process"

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Alumni interested in getting involved e-mail:


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