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Alumni Awards presented at 2016 Undergraduate Awards Banquet

Awards and scholarships were presented at the 2016 Undergraduate Awards Banquent on April 27, 2016. Due to the generous support from alumni and friends of the Department of Economics, the following alumni awards and scholarships were included:


Robert L. And Amelia Louis Rivers Scholarship


Awarded to Tina Tang (pictured) and Yao Xiao (not pictured)

Jesse Ruiz 2014 Convocation Speaker GPA Scholarship


Awarded to Robert Moss

Justice Rita Garman 2015 Convocation Speaker GPA Scholarship





no photo available




Awarded to Nicholas Cohen

Maria Otoo 2016 Convocation Speaker GPA Scholarship


Awarded to Ana Mafalda Pratas Fernandes

Brian Marshall Service Award


Awarded to Tina Tang and Esha Bhalla

Michelle Moreno Leadership Award


Awarded to Kelsey Bauer and Mya Khoury (not pictured)


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