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Paul Boltz Fellowship Lunch 2016

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On October 6, 2016, the Economics Department hosted a lunch to honor the 2016 recipients of the Paul Boltz Fellowship. From left to right sitting: Julia Gonzalez, Phd student and fellowship recipient; Mrs. Cathy Boltz, special guest; Ruchi Singh, PhD student and fellowship recipient;  From left to right standing:  Evan Tammen, LAS Development Office; Marty Perry, Economics Department Head; Xin Wang, PhD student and fellowship recipeint; Sen Ma, PhD student and fellowship recipeint; Daniel McMillen, professor and advisor, Economics Department; Joan Volkmann, Associate Dean of LAS Advancement. To see more about the award and past awardees click here.


Photo by Marsha Hatchel, Alumni Relations & Outreach, Economics Department

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