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Alumni Relations & Outreach Program

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Economics Alumni Giving and Awards


The Department of Economics has greatly benefited from the generosity of alumni and friends who share in our commitment to excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and to the discipline of economics.


There are many ways to give:


Scholarships & Fellowships:  Contributions can be made to existing gifts and fellowships or created in the name of alumni, faculty member, or a loved one. 


Student programming or groups:  Contributions can be made to funds geared toward support programs, groups or initiatives within the Deparment.  For instance, an alumni can ear mark a donation to go directly to the Economics Ambassadors Group or toward support of student field trips


Economics Annual Fund:  Contributions to this fund are added to an endowment, the proceeds of which support recurrent research-related expenses, including undergraduate Research Assistantships, the Department's seminar series, student and faculty conference travel, and others.


Facilities:  Interested in having a conference room or a lounge named after someone?  What about a courtyard?  A generous donation like this made the fountain outside of David Kinley Hall a possibility!


Internships:  Sponsoring a student internship is another way to give a gift. Private donors as well as companies offer these types of gifts in support of our students.


Awards: Awards are so such wonderful ways to acknoweldge accomplishments or contributions for those we value.  Awards can be catered to the wishes of the gift giver and can be geared toward students in various capacities like leadership, studying a particular discipline, or toward other alumni. 



Interested in Learning More?

Please contact Evan Tammen, LAS Development Officer for Economics at

or the Alumni Relations & Outreach Program at or call 217-244-0489.

Ready to make a gift? 




A partial list of awards made possible by alumni contributions:

Past Award Ceremony Highlights

Past receipients for awards can be seen by clicking on the award title. *
Brems Graduate Research Award
Paul W. Boltz Fellowship Award  
Robert E. Demarest Memorial Teaching Award  
Jean M. and John F. Due Fund  
EDC Fund  
Cleo Fitzsimmons Award Fund  
Leiby S. Hall Endowed Chair in Economics Award  
Chief Justice Rita Garman 2015 Convocation Speaker GPA Award  
Dr. Robert Willis Harbson Award  
Michael and Christine Kolbuk Undergraduate Scholarship in Economics  
Lemann Scholars  
Lincoln Educational  
Brian Marshall Service Award  
Michelle Moreno Leadership Award  
McNatt Memorial Award  
Robert L. and Amelia Louis Rivers Scholarship  
Jesse Ruiz 2014 Convocation Speaker GPA Award  
Silver and Erlebacher Award  
Honorable Richard J. Winkel 2013 Convocation Speaker Award  
Illinois Women in Economics (iWIE)/University Women in Economics Conference fund  

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