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Welcome Economics Alumni & Friends

Welcome to the alumni section of the Department of Economics website.  We take great pride in our alumni network of more than 13,000 living alumni whose accomplishments are increasingly awe-inspiring.  Our alumni are found around the world and in a multitude of diverse roles and leadership positions. 

The Alumni Relations & Outreach program is continually evaluating ways to add value to our alumni and student experiences as well as contribute to the field of economics in industry and academia and being good citizens of society.  We value your input and interaction to achieve those goals. 

We would love to hear from you, feature your work and updates, connect with you with other alumni, or draw on your expertise to enhance the student and other alumni experiences.  We hope you’ll reach out or connect with us in some way soon – read on to find out how.

Alumni Contact:

Marsha Hatchel
Assistant Director

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Connect with Us

Be a part of the Econ@Illinois community through our many social networks on Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, YouTube and through our photo album1 and photo album 2 (newest). Don't forget to update us on how to reach you too with our Alumni Update Form.

Get Involved!

We know the value networking in our professional lives, so we provide many different opportunities for connecting our alumni to each other, to other corporate partners and of course making the connection for alumni and students. More about the oportunities we are currently or have previously offered can be found on our Get Involved page. Once you're ready to get involved, follow the Update Us! link to get the dialogue started.

Career Networking:

The Alumni Relations & Outreach Office can support our alumni in their career search, hiring other alumni or students, or in creating an internship position for our students. We also do our best to serve as a conduit for resesources to aid our alumni in their career and hiring endeavors. Read more about our current programs and services.


Award and Giving Opportunities

The Department of Economics benefits from the generosity of our alumni and friends toward supporting student and programming initiatives. There are many ways to give and opportunities can also be catered to your specific preferences. Follow the links to learn more:


Coming to Campus?

Planning a trip to the Champaign-Urbana area? Coming to campus to see your sister, daughter, friend? Maybe you've been invited to guest lecture or teach a class on campus? Let us know you're coming and we'd love to meet you, connect you with one of your former faculty or mentors, introduce you to an Econ Ambassador from the Department, ask our assistance in facilitating a meeting with a campus or college administrator, or just chat about what's going on in your life! ! E-mail us your plans at


We are listening!

We are always open to hearing your needs and ideas about ways we can better assist our alumni. Many of the events or program initiatives we’ve taken have been as a result of alumni suggestions or student requests to connect with our alumni. The Alumni Relations Office has the flexibility and willingness to answer to the needs of our alumni suggestions. Contact us by: Email: Phone: (217)244-0489 Form: Contact Form



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